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Posted on 12-04-2014

Chiropractic care is a powerful immune system driver. As a chiropractor, my focus is analyzing your structural system to locate subluxations, a condition that causes spine and nerve stress and impairs your immune system function. There is over a 100 years of chiropractic observations that have demonstrated chiropractic cares's effect on immune function. Psychoneuroimmnology is increasingly revealing that the health of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves profoundly influences your physical and emotional health. 

In a Canadian study, it was found that the three main reasons for visiting a chiropractor were ear, nose, and throat/respiratory disorders followed by musculoskeletal disorders and gastrointestinal disorders. In the study seventy-four patients reported improvements unrelated to their presenting complaints such as improved immune system function, improved sleep, and improved mood.

Your body's wisdom, your innate healer is always working to balance your chemistry, strengthen your systems, and awaken your connection to life. The is why when you have a fever or vomiting your body is expressing health! The innate with in you allows your body temperature to rise to "burn off" infection. When vomiting your body is removing a toxin. All this is possible when your innate intelligence is working properly inside you. Chiropractic removes interference of nerve signaling so that the brain can communicate with the body and allow innate to work. 

Get connected with chiropractic today! It is an honor to be your healthcare partner!

Dr. Kristin Gaines Porlier

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