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Posted on 02-19-2015

Brrr it’s cold outside! Ever have one of those days when you just want to skip your workout and stay in your warm comfy pajamas?  Then you come up with all the excuses on why not to go to the gym.  "I don't have time" "I'm not in shape" "the cute guy lifting next to me might see me sweaty and gross". Ok, that one may be far fetched, but I have heard it before. In the case of singles I would say lift together! We all have days when we struggle to get to the gym. It seems so much nicer staying at home warm and comfy in your jammies, but the guilt arises. I should have gone or oh I'll just go tomorrow then tomorrow comes and life gets busy with work, kids, spouses. What about the you time?

 No matter what excuse you use, it does not get you closer to achieving your goals. The truth is the biggest battle is getting there. 90% of success is just showing up! So, How do you get over the hump and show up? Here are 5 Steps to beat the winter workout blues and rock your workout:

Step 1: Revisit what fitness means to you. Why do you work out? Sure, we know it's good for our bodies and helping to improve our self-image, but what's the real purpose of your workout? I enjoy my workouts not only because I know it improves my cardiovascular system, but because it releases tension and stress. 

Taking a step backward and remembering why working out is important to you in the first place can help you overcome that battle. My definition has changed over the years. I used to think it was all about getting a “beach body” I realized it’s not about looking a certain way. To me, fitness builds my mind and body, it helps me look, feel, and function at my best. Being physically active melts away stress and tension carried in the body from everyday build ups of emotional, chemical, and physical stresses. Fitness engages the performance of the heart, lungs, mind, and the muscles of the body. It changes the way you look, how you feel, and how you function. I find that after a good workout my mind is clear of clutter, I sleep better, and I am happier. So, for me being physically active is a must. What does it do for you? How do you feel and function after working out? Remember this when you think of an excuse to not workout. If you have never worked out before imagine how life would change for you, even if it’s once a week!  

Step 2: Have a non-compromising plan. Set goals and challenges for yourself. If you want to lose 10lbs in 1 month set a date on when you want your goal achieved. Once you have achieved that goal reward yourself. Maybe with a new wardrobe or a fun night out. In order to reach your goal set a scheduled plan that you cannot compromise. Build your workout into your schedule. If it’s in the morning set that same time same day of the week in your phone calendar that is YOU time no one or nothing can compromise that time.

Step 3: Change your workout routine. Maybe you've been doing the same thing each time you visit the gym. Changing your routine could be a positive motivator. I used to enjoy going to the gym and walking on the treadmill. It wasn't a big muscle builder or fat burner but it was a stress reliever. A time for me to let my mind let go of stress and fuel my brain with thoughts and creativity. The motions eventually got old. So, I tried a few new things such as boxing and hot yoga! This was just what I needed to mix things up and regain purpose. Trying new things will revive your enthusiasm for working out!

Step 4: Find an accountability partner. There is one thing we don't like to do is to disappoint ourselves and let down others. Make a workout date with a friend or family member to hold each other accountable for showing up and completing your workout. Use caution though. Be choosy. Pick someone that will push you and uplift you. It's not a social event. Get in and get it done! I like to use a personal trainer. They are there to hold you accountable and support you to make sure you are using the proper technique to avoid injury and maximize your results. If it is within your means I highly recommend finding someone you connect with to help you reach your fitness goals. I have a few great ones if you need a recommendation.

If you are someone who likes to work out alone find something that motivates you to get up and moving. It could be a music playlist, a motivational speaker's latest post downloaded to your phone or iPod, or an audiobook. Pop in your ear buds and work it out!

Step 5: No more excuses! Get over it and just do it! You won't regret it! You don't need a gym or yoga studio to get a good effective workout in. You can use items in your own home. Here is a link to a home workout. (http://www.acefitness.org/acefit/fitness-programs-article/2863/Top-25-At-Home-Exercises//). If you like a gym setting there are different gyms that offer different workout styles. We work with several in the area and would be happy to help you find a gym that fits with your needs!

About the author: Dr. Kristin Gaines Porlier is a chiropractor passionate about helping people reach their maximum health potential through Chiropractic care, proper nutrition, and exercise. She serves 1000s of people including families,pediatrics, Olympic and professional athletes. Dr. Kristin lectures frequently on topics such as wellness, nutrition, injury prevention, fitness and stress management to corporations, businesses, churches, athletes and coaches. Her mission is to transform the health of our nation one family at a time.

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